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Computing solutions for businesses and people in the panhandle

As a computer business in the middle of north Idaho, we understand our clients need for straightforward solutions. Candid isn't just in the name, it's our modus operandi which means we are upfront and to the point when making recommendations on how best to help you. Learn more  below about how Candid Computers can assist you or call us for a consultation.

Custom computers purpose built for you

Building computers is our passion. Video editing workstations, gaming behemoths, silent home theater rigs, file servers - we've built it all. Ask us about a computer tailored to your needs instead of getting some prefab with generic specifications. Need a workstation to handle 4K video? Want a tricked out gaming PC? We're here to take the headache out of making technology work for you.

Virus removal and tune-ups with fast turnaround

We get it. You want your technology to go, to just work and not have to be bothered. Computers, like any machine, need maintenance and care to keep running properly, however  If you're worrying that you're infected or your computer just isn't working right, call us. Candid Computers is here to help get you back up and running fast. If we can't? We'll be right to the point about that, too.

Upgrades for every budget

Frustrated with your computer's performance? Don't toss your old computer away! Get an upgrade from us and keep your computer going strong. Avoid the hassle and expense pf setting up a new machine; let us get your computer back into shape. Below are some common upgrades that can make your machine perform like new again

Boost your drive speed

Your hard drive is typically the "slowest link" in regards to computer performance. Everything has to be loaded from storage so fast drives can make a huge difference. You wouldn't use a floppy drive anymore, so why have a computer with an old hard drive? Upgrade with a solid state drive today and expand your current storage solution.

More memory never hertz

Having lots of memory is critical to running multiple applications at once. Even web browsers such a Chrome have a large appetite for memory while running lots of tabs. Make the most out of your computer by installing more RAM - it's the one upgrade every computer can benefit from to help extend their usefulness.

Blast off with a new GPU

Getting a new graphics card can go a long way in improving your computer's performance. Not just for games and graphic designers anymore, Streaming 4K video and surfing the web can be taxing on computers with limited graphics capabilities. Good graphics is crucial for a great experience. 

Update your operating system

Sometimes a clean install is the only way to fix problems with your computer. However, if you're running an older OS, just updating to a newer operating system is enough. Windows 10 is a great operating system, but if you have other requirements, such as running Linux, we're happy to help.


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